Posted on June 29, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

Shortened but successful breeding season at Cornwall Turkeys

I have presided over a deliberately shortened but successful breeding season at Cornwall Turkeys: despite my earlier rudimentary knowledge of the incubation process, the poults and I have achieved an average of 74% hatch rate! I promised Pam that I would do my best to continue with her endeavours to restore the Norfolk Black to its former glory. I am delighted to say that the quality of this year’s poults has exceeded my best expectations and I think Pam would be pleased. When I have selected which poults to introduce into next year’s breeding teams, I should have some spare. If any readers want some poults for themselves, please contact me on 07763 571788.

Polytunnel problems

I have animal-proof security gates on the inside of the sliding doors of the polytunnel. Despite this precaution, at least one rabbit has gained access by eating a hole on the plastic sheeting! He has done considerable damage to the runner bean plants, spinach, lettuce and cabbage: and has had the temerity to consume most of the strawberries as well. I have now erected a wire netting ‘fence’ around the runner bean plants. Luckily, the creature cannot attack the tomato plants: in order to minimise the possiblity of blight, I grow the tomatoes in large buckets suspended from a beam, well out of his reach! If you have any suggestions about keeping rabbits out of polytunnels, please let me know.

Remodelled frontage

We are making great progress with the remodelling of the front lawn. The ugly pond has been eliminated at last: and during the weekend we  spread about 120 tons of good topsoil over the area. The persistent rain will help the ground to settle. We will just be left with raking off large stones and setting final levels, before seeding in a few weeks time.