Posted on May 30, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

The pond in the front garden has been reduced to rubble

We have now re-started where we left off last autumn, and the pond in the front garden has been reduced to rubble. The previous owners of Credvill had obviously spared no expense in its construction: we had to employ a JCB to break up the concrete. We will screen the levelled rubble with finer stone to infill the gaps, and then cover the whole with anti-weed fabric. Cousin John will then use surveying gear to set the levels for the new lawn. After that we will be able to get the landscaper in  grade the new topsoil as required. I will be very pleased when the job is finished so that we can sit back and enjoy the results!

Grass Management

The Spring flush of grass is well under way, despite the lack of rain, and I spend several hours a week with the mowers, keeping the place neat and tidy. I find it very therapeutic driving the tractor and topper around the fields – a very satisfying occupation! I won’t cut back the hedges or field margins until late autumn so as to disturb the wildlife as little as possible.

Norfolk Black Turkey Poults

I have scaled back production this year, as I was uncertain how I would manage without Pam. Nonetheless, I believe that I will at least be able to fulfil all the orders that Pam had received. The little poults are all doing fine, and I am well pleased with results so far. I have just put two more incubators on ‘lockdown’ and I’m expecting the next hatch on 2nd June. Meanwhile, I’m off to prepare some pens in the nursery and then I expect there will be more mowing to do! I will have more exciting news from Cornwall Turkeys in a few weeks time…