Posted on November 26, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

A handsome replacement for George, the Bourbon Red stag

I am delighted to report that I have acquired a handsome replacement for George, the Bourbon Red stag, who died suddenly in September. Richard Holmes visited recently with his business partner Caroline Yarworth. They presented me with George II, and this fine young stag has now settled in happily with his new ladies. I could not be more pleased, as Bourbon Reds of this quality are not at all easy to find.  and I can now look forward to the 2018 breeding season with eager anticipation!

Winter Routines

apples in orchard

The 2017 season is over, and during this coming week we will be moving the teams, together with the ‘retirees’, to their winter quarters in the large communal shed. The birds will stay in this accommodation until mid-February next year, when they will return to their breeding pens. During the winter period we will be kept busy with creosoting the breeding sheds. We will also be replacing some of the felt roofs, which have deteriorated somewhat over the past few years. The birds still need good quality pasture to graze during the winter, and it is vital that we keep the free range and penned areas in good condition. We will continue mowing as necessary (especially if it is a mild winter again) down to six inches. Subect to soil testing, we will treat the pasture with lime in order to maintain the correct soil ph level. We have already prepared the nursery for the coming season, and will just need to disinfect the building again prior to occupation!

Other StuffPensioner Turkeys

The demolition of the concrete pond and the remodelling of the front lawn was a major undertaking which we successfully finished this summer past. The ‘big project’ for 2018 turns our attention to the main house, and we hope to complete a full refurbishment of the outside during the Spring and early Summer next year. In the meantime, a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018! Those of you interested in acquiring Norfolk Black or Bourbon Red poults should place your orders as early as you can in the New Year. Telephone 01872 864807 or 07763 571788.