Posted on September 30, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

George, our magnificent Bourbon Red stag, has died

I’m afraid that I have some bad news: George, our magnificent Bourbon Red stag, died suddenly in mid September. He seemed to be perfectly fit and stress-free  when I let him out early that morning, so I suspect that he succumbed to heart failure. George produced many fine poults over the years and was greatly admired by all who made his acquaintance. He definitely had a presence, and we will certainly miss him. I hope to find a suitable replacement for him before the 2018 breeding season and if any local readers can help, please get in touch.


The almost completed front lawn project

At last, this rather daunting project is almost complete. We have just about two hundred feet of the border garden to tidy and cover with woodchip between the young shrubs. We sowed and rolled the ground on 5th August, and by the 25th the grass had grown so quickly that I had to put the mower over it! I have mowed several times since and I have to say that the new lawn looks spectacular. I am absolutely delighted with the end result and it has been well worth the effort.



Bumper fruit harvest

Whilst most of our fruit trees are barely mature, they have ‘punched beyond their weight’ this season with heavy crops of various pears, eating apples, cooking apples, cherries and quinces. We might have enjoyed the same level of productivity from the polytunnel had it it not been for the unwelcome attention paid to the young fruit and vegetables by the invading rabbits. In order to access the polytunnel these pests have eaten a couple of holes through the plastic membrane: if I repair  the damage I expect that they will just break in again.  I have decided to erect wire netting fences around the individual beds to keep them out.