Wonky, My Beautiful Bronze Turkey Hen
Posted on May 11, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

First Norfolk Black turkey poult hatch of 2017 at Cornwall Turkeys

The first Norfolk Black turkey poult hatch of 2017 at Cornwall Turkeys  hatched on 30th April. I am well pleased with a 60% success rate. These were the first eggs of the season and I had not expected that so many would be fertile. Well done Teams Ferdy and Leon. The next hatching is due on 17th May and should be a mix of Norfolk Black and Bourbon Red poults.


We have refreshed the soil with garden lime in the turkey poult pen and in the two big over-wintering pens, and have just finished re-seeding all three. Another annual job out of the way! It has been great to have enjoyed such a prolonged period of fine dry weather, but we could do with some rain to germinate the new seed…

Wonky – passing of an old friendWonky the Turkey

I’m afraid that our old pet turkey Wonky has died. Wonky was always Pam’s favourite, and I will miss the old girl as well, especially as she had been here for eleven or twelve years. That leaves just Bessie, Alma and Wilbur! Over the years, most of the pensioners have found good homes as pet, but Pam would never part with this four!

Troubles with technology

I had been helping Pam raise her beloved turkey poults every season since she began the project. I had not, however, had any involvement with running the Cornwall Turkeys website. I am far from being at ease with computers, and it is an alarmingly steep learning curve…