Posted on August 10, 2017 · Posted in Talking Turkey

Bourbon Red poults at Cornwall Turkeys

Every one of the Bourbon Red poults at Cornwall Turkeys has been sold already! I was not able to produce as many as in 2016, but I am nevertheless amazed that they have disappeared so quickly. I am sorry that some readers who made late enquiries will be disappointed, but I should be able to offer the Reds in greater numbers next year. Having said that, I will be confining the breeding programme to Norfolk Blacks and Bourbon Reds only; and of necessity I will not be able to supply the poults in such numbers as Pam did in years past. The earlier that readers place their orders, the more confident they can be that I can supply the poults they want, and I would suggest by the end of January or beginning of February.

Rabbits in the polytunnel

My attempts at evicting the rabbits have so far proved fruitless, so I acquired a couple of electronic deterrents. These devices are solar powered and consequently need little attention. The alleged benefits comprise three frequency ranges which are unacceptable to a variety of creatures, flashing strobe lights and, if these don’t do the trick, a wailing audible alarm. I don’t really expect the machines to have much effect, and I would not be a bit surprised should the rabbits adopt them as their personal playthings: time will tell…

The front lawn makeover

It may not look a lot different to the photograph in the previous blog, but the ground has been subject to a great deal of attention over the past four or five weeks. It has been rolled and raked many, many times and we have removed a dumper-full of stones over the period. By last weekend, though, the finished surface passed muster, and we seeded the ground and gave it a final roll. Job done at last! In an attempt to prevent birds from consuming the seed, we erected strings accross the area and hung CDs along them. The CDs bounce around and flash coloured lights that really do keep the birds off – a harmless deterrent at no cost whatever.