Availability and Prices

Availability and Prices.Availability and Prices

I live about five miles from Truro where I breed and rear my beautiful free range Norfolk Black and Bourbon Red Heritage turkeys.

Please be aware that as I do not breed turkeys by the hundreds, (I prefer quality over quantity!) availability will vary depending on the time of year.

Turkey hens usually start to lay eggs in February or March.  To ensure that I will have what you want, please do order your poults as early as possible.  I usually start taking orders in January of each year.   Scroll down for prices.

Being a small turkey breeder gives me the benefit of hatching and raising my turkeys properly in a loving and caring environment.  Before selling any of my turkeys, I always ensure they are strong and healthy free range birds.

If you prefer to hatch and rear your own turkeys, I do occasionally have spare turkey hatching eggs available, but they are for collection only.

Norfolk Black and Bourbon Red Turkey Pairs, Trios, Poults and Eggs.

To check availability of my turkeys, turkey poults or hatching eggs, telephone me (mobile) on 0777 9929 361, or you can use the contact form, by clicking here.

Prices for 2017

  • Day old turkey poults (on heat)  £6.00 eachNorfolk Black & Pied Turkey Poults
  • 6 week old turkey poults (off heat)  £12.00 each
  • Adult Turkey £40.00
  • Bourbon Red Turkey Pair £80.00
  • Bourbon Red Turkey Trio £120.00
  • Norfolk Black Turkey Pair £80.00
  • Norfolk Black Turkey Trio  £120.00
  • Turkey Hatching eggs – £2.50 each

I will not trust my precious turkey eggs to the vagaries of the postal service, so if turkey eggs are required, it is collection only, please.

Please be aware that I am unable to accept credit cards or cheques, so it is cash only.  Also, if collecting turkeys or turkey poults, please ensure that you bring adequately sized and well ventilated boxes.