Cornwall Turkeys

Our Norfolk Black and Bourbon Red turkeys are lovingly hand reared right here in Cornwall. You will be pleased to know that all our birds, once off heat, are kept free range.


The only barrier to their complete freedom is the electric fencing which prevents unwanted visits by Brer Fox!


About Cornwall Turkeys

The Norfolk Black & Bourbon Red Turkeys

We breed the Norfolk Black & Bourbon Red turkeys. They are not huge, but beautiful turkeys that mature slowly.  Oh yes, and they also love to gobble grapes!


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Our Turkey Gallery

Talking Turkey

Turkeys are a very interesting and entertaining bird, always ready to natter and follow you around, so I like to write stories and information about the turkeys.


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Our Turkey Stories

Availability & Prices

Please note that we are a small, local turkey breeder, so have a limited number of poults throughout the year, so just contact Pam, to check availability.


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Norfolk Black Prices

Recent Updates

The place to read all about the ups and downs of hand rearing turkeys. As you will soon see, Pam loves her turkeys as members of the family, so why not get to know Pam's Poults too!